One of the children who has been rescued by Sister Stan is twelve-year-old Sarah, who, at just four years of age, had been found to have a speech impediment, and was given no opportunity to learn and grow.

Thankfully, Sister Stan and the local Church was made aware of Sarah’s situation, and gave her a new chance at life.

Sarah is now a happy twelve-year-old girl with a bright future ahead of her. She likes to play with her friends, enjoys studying maths, science, English and religion, and is topping her class of 35 at school. Sarah says of Sister Stan,

“I like her because she saved my life”.

If not for Sister Stan's intervention and lifelong care, Sarah would not have been given the opportunities she has been given.

How you can help

Fundraising is an excellent way for students to reach out in support of their Ghanaian brothers and sisters, helping them access a safe home, education, health and love.

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